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Scale Up and Navigate Change

Develop Strong Leaders and

Foster a Culture of Growth

Is your organization equipped for success in a constantly changing world?

Your Success Is Defined By Your People

Like the ebb and flow of the tides, people, organizations and external forces are constantly shifting.


At Tide Points, we cultivate people-centered leadership to enable leaders and teams to thrive in constant change and scale for extraordinary growth.


Through visionary leadership, transformative mindset shifts, tailored action plans and pragmatic human capital solutions we help our clients chart their way to increased success.


Take the next step towards achieving remarkable growth.

What does the research say?

Evidence Shows It’s Time To Focus on Building Stronger Leaders at All Levels




Studies indicate that about 70% of organizational change efforts fail, largely because the leadership approach doesn’t consider the long list of human dynamics so critical to garnering the support and engagement that propel the shift to the new way of doing things, resulting in a poor execution of the intended change. 

In a McKinsey study, 40% of participants stated they are likely to leave their job within three to six months. One of the primary reasons people leave jobs is leadership! In fact, 34% of voluntary terminations link to uncaring and uninspiring leadership. We live in a world where people need and expect authentic, inspiring and supportive leadership.


A study by the Hay Group indicates that leadership behavior affects bottom-line performance by up to 35%. Poor leaders lose money and talent. Good leaders increase profits and create great workplaces. While most companies know that leaders are the curators of their culture, they don’t have the internal capacity or expertise to help leaders understand how their behaviors impact others and the business and most importantly, how to increase their effectiveness.

Or Do You...

  • lack the Human Capital expertise and/or capacity to achieve our business goals and potential.

  • need help scaling the HR function.

  • need interim Human Capital leadership support.

  • need help with a specific program or project.

Is your organizational challenge...

  • to increase the impact of our leaders and help them prepare for the future?

  • to accelerate the transition of newly hired, promoted and reassigned leaders?

  • to foster a culture of coaching and development?

  • to change your approach of developing leaders?

Uncover the Hidden Potential in Human Capital For Scalable Growth in an Unpredictable World

"Developing strong leaders and creating organizational systems that optimize the potential of your talent can be challenging.


High complexity, unpredictability and uncertainty are dominating factors in today's competitive, ever-changing world."

Carol Digan

To succeed it’s required to consider

3 Major Aspects

Leadership Style

Enable leaders to navigate today’s challenges through a visionary, authentic and people-centric leadership style.

Skill Development

Develop skills and capabilities that can endure volatility and ambiguity, while embracing vulnerability without sacrificing the positive influence on stakeholders.

Human Capital

Provide your Human Capital leaders and people managers with the necessary tools and structures to establish workplaces that foster a culture of continuous learning, development and growth.

Hi, I’m Carol Digan, Executive Coach, Human Capital Consultant and Founder of TidePoints.

At the heart of my approach lies the fundamental belief that success originates from creating an environment of empowerment, transparency, trust, learning, and purpose, created by strong leaders and enabled by effective strategies, practices, tools and programs.

Are we on the same page?

Harness the potential of scalable growth

Client Voices


Chief Marketing Officer

42 North Dental

Diane Vaccaro

"When we found ourselves without a chief human resources officer, we engaged Chatham HR Associates based on recommendations from our board.  Carol proved to be indispensable as we negotiated some complex employee relations issues, provided informed guidance to a junior team , and helped us move forward several key initiatives that could have otherwise sidelined us. This experience was made much better than we could have hoped for, with Carol’s insights and support.  Highly recommend!"

VP Human Resources & Talent Management, Lantheus 

Amy Provost

Carol is a highly versatile HR executive who easily pivots from strategy and thought leadership to planning and execution to support her clients’ needs. She brings a blend of professionalism, authenticity and unwavering commitment to deliver great service.

Her insights have contributed to the evolution of our executive coaching strategy, and she has fast-tracked our change efforts with her deep subject matter expertise in Change Management.  I look forward to leveraging Carol’s expertise and insights more broadly as we continue to mature our people practices.

Vice President, Human Resources, Laird Connectivity

Anna Burtch

“Carol is wonderful to work with! Her positivity, deep knowledge of best business practices, supportive mindset and insight into executive functions allow her to engage with clients in a very constructive way. I have enjoyed working with Carol and know she will add value to your leadership”.

CEO, OptumServe

Patty Horoho

“Carol was my Human Capital Partner and a member of my senior leadership team during a time when we were transforming our federal health business. She was instrumental in assisting me with designing the right organization structure, integrating multiple businesses, building a high performing and diverse leadership team and in introducing operational processes to support the growth of our diverse set of capabilities. Carol demonstrated strategic thinking, a strong understanding of the business, an eye for executive talent and the ability to effectively lead others through complexity and crisis.” 

Having spent more than 30 years collaborating with executive teams and leaders across diverse industries, in a wide range of business stages and conditions, I am intimately familiar with the challenges Executives and HR Leaders face as they navigate through complexity, change and uncertainty.

Overcome roadblocks, navigate uncertainty, and implement strategies for organizational growth.

Or Do You...

  • lack the Human Capital expertise and/or capacity to achieve our business goals and potential.

  • need help scaling the HR function.

  • need interim Human Capital leadership support.

  • need help with a specific program or project.

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