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Carol Digan

Executive Profile

Partners & Collaborators

Cheryl Schley

Human Capital/Total Rewards Consultant and Executive Coach

Jackie Glenn

DEI Thought Leader, Human Capital Consultant and Executive Coach, Glenn Diversity Solutions

John Cunningham

Human Capital Consultant, Trainer and Executive Coach

Taryn Beaudoin

Human Capital and DEI Consultant,

Crush Limits

Delia Oliveira

Benefits Consultant

Carol is a senior Human Capital Consultant with over 30 years experience in developing talent strategies and coaching leaders in complex, high growth business environments. Her experience coaching and advising leaders spans all functions and career levels, amidst a wide range of business conditions, organizational complexities, geographies and individual considerations.

As an independent coach and consultant, she is passionate about helping others become the best version of themselves and be successful leaders in today’s constantly changing business and talent landscape. In each engagement, she introduces pragmatic and effective techniques and frameworks based on the unique goals of her client.

Carol holds certifications in Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching (ICF accredited) and Strategic HR Leadership (Cornell). She is also certified in multi-rater feedback assessments, Organization Development (Columbia) and is a Qualified Administrator of the KSA Talent Suite.

Carol lives in Massachusetts and enjoys spending time with family and friends, as well as cycling, walking, traveling, reading,  exploring nature and cooking.

I have had the privilege of partnering with many leaders at the Director level through the C-Suite level in a wide range of industries.


As a Certified Stakeholder Centered Coach (accredited by ICF), the methodology I use with clients is structured, yet flexible, emphasizes engaging stakeholders throughout the process, and provides a mechanism to measure results.


In each of my coaching engagements to date, leaders have made progress in their development goals, as measured by their stakeholders.

Coaching Background

As an independent consultant, I find a great sense of purpose in working with a wide range of companies and a diverse set of perspectives, challenges and goals. Drawing on a combination of formal training, what I have learned from others, along with my own mistakes and successes as a leader, guiding leaders through introspection and helping them overcome self-limiting behaviors and mindsets, has become central to my business.

Carol Digan,

Executive Coach & Human Capital Consultant

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