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Human Capital Consulting

The best way to predict your future is to create it. 

- Peter F. Drucker

A Key Success Factor

Building Successful Teams

Building successful teams and organizations is hard work in the unpredictable and ever-changing terms that have become the norm. For many, it can feel like an impossible task to create a workplace that inspires engagement and fosters the level of commitment that drives sustained business growth and delivers a great customer experience.

Carol Digan, Executive Coach & Founder of TidePoints

At TidePoints, we partner with our clients to design and implement a wide range of targeted human capital strategies and solutions to help you achieve your operational, strategic, and financial goals. Whether you need interim Human Capital leadership, an assessment of your Human Capital function, a strategic Human Capital roadmap, expertise on developing talent or change management strategies, or help with integrating multiple teams or businesses, my team and I can help.

What Clients Experience

Our Track Record Speaks for Itself

How we Consult

Human Capital Consulting Services

Partner with us on your journey to create a high performing organization, enabled by effective human capital strategies, programs and tactics.

  • We offer hands-on, senior Human Capital strategy and support with the expertise, experience, capacity and collaborative approach you need to scale your business with agility, speed and consistency.

  • We are committed to helping our clients grow their business, serve their stakeholders, drive positive results and foster long term, meaningful relationships with their clients, partners and team members.

  • We are a virtual team of human capital leaders and coaches with deep expertise and broad experience in a wide range of business environments. We are committed to exceeding customer expectations and are backed by an extensive network of independent consultants and small business owners with the human capital subject matter expertise most commonly needed in today’s complex business landscape.

Our clients consistently report transformative results, from increased employee engagement to elevated team productivity and accelerated business growth. Don't let limited internal expertise and resources hold you back from achieving your mission and vision.

​VP Human Resources & Talent Management, Lantheus 

Amy Provost

“​Carol is a highly versatile HR executive who easily pivots from strategy and thought leadership to planning and execution to support her clients’ needs. She brings a blend of professionalism, authenticity and unwavering commitment to deliver great service.

Her insights have contributed to the evolution of our executive coaching strategy, and she has fast-tracked our change efforts with her deep subject matter expertise in Change Management.  I look forward to leveraging Carol’s expertise and insights more broadly as we continue to mature our people practices."

Partner, Guidehouse (former CEO, the Lewin Group)

Mike Nestor

“Carol is a highly accomplished Human Capital executive with proven success from start-ups to Fortune 5 organizations and everything in between. She is a dynamic leader with the ability to evolve business vision into real world practicable organizational functions and she was instrumental in building a viable organizational structure and executive team to ensure the transition was seamless and with the least amount of business disruption. What I greatly valued was her ability to apply compassion and cultural sensitivity during this process. She invests herself fully in each business solution and above all she is a wonderful professional and a joy to work with.” 

Chief Human Resources Officer, Humana Primary Care

Maria Van Brown

“Carol is a compassionate leader who upholds the highest levels of authenticity and integrity. Carol is both a business person and a business partner. She seeks to understand the unique needs of an organization and skillfully pulls together the right people and data to drive immediate value. I gained a mentor, coach and exemplary leader to emulate and follow. Over the past several years, I have routinely sought out Carol's guidance, advice and thought leadership. She is a model of optimism and resilience, removing barriers and developing others. If you have the opportunity to work with Carol- seize it, you will be better for it!”

Chief Sales Officer Datalink (formerly

OptumServe Executive) 

Karoom Brown

​“I worked with Carol while I was being recruited by Optum and subsequently, as my Human Capital Partner and fellow member of the OptumServe senior leadership team. Throughout the time we worked together, Carol demonstrated a strong understanding of the business, as well as an inclusive and respectful style, and consistently responded to business needs with impactful solutions. In short, she is one of the most effective Human Capital leaders I have ever worked with.” 



Patricia Horoho

“Carol was my Human Capital Partner and a member of my senior leadership team during a time when we were transforming our federal health business. She was instrumental in assisting me with designing the right organization structure, integrating multiple businesses, building a high performing and diverse leadership team and in introducing operational processes to support the growth of our diverse set of capabilities. Carol demonstrated strategic thinking, a strong understanding of the business, an eye for executive talent and the ability to effectively lead others through complexity and crisis.” 

Position Your Organization to Scale for Growth

Address the gap between substantial human capital needs and resource or capability constraints. Work with us to cultivate the practices, programs and culture that enables scalable growth.

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